Brieuc Swales

Code - Design - Art

I am a programmer and game designer currently living in Belgium. I work as a freelance since 2015. C/C++ and C# are my languages of trade, I have been programming since I was a kid. I have experience in working with the Unity game engine for more than 7 years. I also can work on game engines from scratch in C/C++. My interests are primarly focused on graphics, artificial intelligence and compression . Since I am a designer too, I often have to deal with gameplay programming.

As a designer, I truly believe that a video game, besides its entertainment purpose, can be a form of art which can bring something new to its user and express complex concepts to open new perspectives as much as books, movies, music or paintings do.

Despite my working days are spent programming and designing, I happen to do some CG works ranging from concept art and digital painting through 3D modeling and animation.

Besides working I enjoy reading, walking, meditating, drawing.